New Product Launch  •  Drive to Retail  •  Over 500,000 Units Sold  •  IMS Top 100



Cuisinart came to M2 Marketing & Management looking for a self-liquidating advertising vehicle to supplement and expand their current marketing mix. M2’s strategy was simple, use DRTV to build awareness and educate consumers on the unique, multifunctional Griddler and to create sell-in and pull-through demand at premium retailers such as Williams-Sonoma.  

While the initial goal was to self-liquid advertising and drive retail, the Griddler infomercial tested so successfully, benefitting from the 40-60% reduction in media costs by utilizing a DRTV campaign, that Cuisinart decided to use Long Form DRTV advertising as a standard part of their marketing mix.

As a testament to the success of the campaign, Cuisinart extended the relationship to further manage and produce sequel shows to provide longevity to the campaign.

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