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We don't read data, we understand it from a 360° point of view

Ensuring you get the full picture


Our top 3 priorities in gaining unparalleled business intelligence:

1. Automated gathering, verification and processing of all business data.

2. Ability to run deep analyses to quickly answer complex business questions.

3. Automatically deliver the information and analytics you need via email or web.

Through our internal software systems, we are able to measure not only the impact of the initial sale, but also the lifetime value of the customer by offer, media source, point of purchase, and even at the retail level. This invaluable tool helps us fine tune a campaign’s performance and learn from the overall results. How you ask? By linking post purchase performance metrics back to individual advertisements and point of purchase channels.

Customizable Diagrams & Reports

Reading the pulse of your campaign depends on a thorough understanding of the numbers and having the proper business intelligence tool. At M2, we automate the tracking of all the KPI’s and variables in order to provide accurate and timely results on a daily, weekly or campaign to date basis. We are able to convert all of the multi-channel raw data into a clear and measurable management system that becomes our guide to optimizing campaign success.


Continuity Dashboards

Adding a backend continuity component will extend the lifetime value of each customer and lower the front end MER needed to breakeven, but how do you measure and grow your success? What’s your speed of attrition and stick rate? Where do you most need to communicate with your customers? Through our systems we can provide you insight into the most profitable piece of the business, continuity.


Media Buying, Optimization & Multi-Agency Management

With strong tools in place allowing us to manage multiple media agencies from one single dashboard, we have 100% visibility on how your media is performing and what agency is doing it best.


Telemarketing Management, Web Attribution, Retail Analysis & Geographic Response

When presented with raw data from multiple revenue streams, there's plenty of room to get lost in the data cloud. 

To hear more about our capabilities and how we can get your campaign up and running, give us a call! 714.439.3207