Moxie Award Winner •  Advanced Technological Innovation  • Drive to Retail  •  Product Partnership

Breville is an Australian manufacturer and marketer of small home appliances who partnered with Joe Cross, the man behind the runaway hit documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. The film chronicles Joe’s journey as he uses juicing to lose 100 lbs and overcome his health challenges of morbid obesity and autoimmune disease.  Breville reached out to M2 Marketing & Management to develop a long form Direct Response Television (DRTV) campaign to not only showcase the health benefits of juicing, but also the superiority of the Breville brand when purchasing a juicer.

The goal of the campaign was to use the longer infomercial format to establish a subsidized advertising campaign. By developing a campaign in this manner, M2 Marketing & Management was able to purchase DRTV media on the scatter market at a substantial savings from traditional advertising rates, further subsidize those decreased media costs with direct sales and ultimately drive retail for overall profitability. 

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